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The importance of taking a preventive approach to skin care.

Taking care of the skin is essential for those who want to prevent diseases. The appearance of irregular moles and spots is one of the signs of skin diseases such as skin cancer, cysts, and dysplastic nevi, which usually do not present other symptoms.

All of the aforementioned conditions require medical monitoring to avoid complications. Skin cancer, for example, requires surgical treatment, while skin cysts can become infected.

Patients with dysplastic nevi require extra attention since they have a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Regardless of the skin health problem, treatment and medical monitoring are essential. The doctor will determine the best procedures that should be performed on each patient. 


of all cancers are skin cancer.
Sources: Brazilian Society of Dermatology.


of the population is affected by lipoma.
Sources: Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

Common diseases and their symptoms.


Skin Cancer

Skin cancer occurs when the cells of this organ multiply out of control. It is the most common type of neoplasm in Brazil and the world. It mainly occurs in people over 40 years old and does not present many symptoms in its initial phase, only the appearance of irregular spots, moles or signs.

Skin Cysts

Skin cysts are benign nodules that can appear in different parts of the body, but are generally more common in the neck, face and trunk, regions with more sebaceous glands. They are visible, palpable and may or may not have the same color as the skin. Depending on the location, they can be painful. In case of infection, they become red, warm and there may be the discharge of purulent secretion.



Lipomas are benign tumors composed of mature fat cells. They can appear in all parts of the body and are characterized by the slow growth of masses. There are no pains or functional impairments, and surgical procedures to remove them are performed for cosmetic reasons.

Dysplastic Nevi

Dysplastic Nevi are small brown spots on the skin that may or may not be raised. They are commonly known as moles and birthmarks. Their appearance is one of the signs of skin cancer, so they require extra attention. They are usually hereditary, and if they are large, surgery is recommended for their removal.



The type of treatment used for skin cancer will depend on its stage. In the early stages, treatment is topical, and may involve the use of anticancer medications. 


The treatment of lipomas and skin cancer / dysplastic nevi involves dermatological surgical procedures.

In the case of skin cancer and dysplastic nevi, removal is recommended when there is suspicion that they may be malignant or may evolve into malignancy, and the removed tissue is sent for biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

The treatment of cutaneous cysts involves surgical procedures. A small incision is made to remove the capsule containing the secretion. The surgery is quick and safe.

Early diagnosis and the importance of treatment.

Skin diseases should always be monitored by a specialist to avoid complications, as well as to contribute to possible image problems that affect self-esteem. In the specific case of skin cancer and dysplastic nevi, attention should be doubled for health reasons. 

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