Hair Transplantation

Dr. Jório Santana's follicular unit hair transplantation surgery is the most effective solution against baldness. In the hair transplant procedure, the surgeon rearranges the distribution of the patient's follicular units by taking follicular units from one area and transplanting them to another. The major difference and advantage of this technique is that the transplanted hair in the desired area has an extremely natural appearance and continues to grow normally.

Who is it indicated for?

Men with male pattern baldness;

Women with female pattern baldness (hair thinning);

Patients with scarred areas that require attention;

Patients who wish to restore or increase 

hair density in specific areas.

First step

FUE Technique:

The removal of individual hair follicular units from the donor region is done.

FUT Technique:

A strip of skin is removed from the donor area for the procedure.

Second Step:

FUE Technique:

The follicular units are examined one by one to classify them into units with one, two, three, or four hairs. This classification process is done with the help of a microscope.

FUT Technique:

This strip of skin containing the follicular units will then be divided to individualize the follicular units.

Follicular units are structures that have 1 to 4 hair strands. This individualization process of the follicular units is done with the help of a microscope to ensure total utilization and no damage to the follicles.

Third Step:

FUE/FUT technique

 Then, these follicular units will be placed in the desired area individually, using implanters after making a pre-incision with an extremely delicate and thin sapphire blade, without removing any skin.


After placement in the desired region, the skin's own tension keeps the units secure, without the need for stitches in this recipient area.


The FUE technique Involves the extraction of follicular units one by one. One of the advantages is that the scar left behind is punctiform, making it more discreet for patients who shave the donor area or have a low-density donor area. To perform this technique, it is necessary to shave the hair, completely or partially.


The FUT technique involves the removal of a strip of skin from the donor area, leaving a linear scar. The main advantage of FUT is not needing to cut the hair. The two techniques can be combined, depending on the need.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that takes 5 to 8 hours to complete. The surgery is performed in a hospital setting, under local anesthesia and venous sedation, ensuring the patient's safety and comfort. The patient will be discharged around one hour after the end of the operation (day clinic). The procedure requires a highly trained and specialized team of professionals in the manipulation of the follicular units, to ensure that this process is carried out without any damage to these structures.


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