About Dr. Jório Santana

Dr. Santana studied medicine at UERJ (University of the State of Rio de Janeiro) continuing his education and training at UERJ he became a specialist in plastic surgery.

Dr. Santana is a member of both the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). The ISHRS is recognized as the leading international organization representing the world’s top hair transplantation specialists.

At his office in Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Santana evaluates patients’ hair issues and proposes the most appropriate treatment.

Leading and working with a strong and experienced team, Dr. Santana performs surgery with a level of competence that can only be found in doctors affiliated to the ISHRS and the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Santana is fluent in English, French and Portuguese.


Interview (in Portuguese) about Hair Loss


 Surgeon’s Capabilities

In addition to his university education and training, Dr. Santana has also participated in courses run by doctors Ivo Pitanguy, José Horácio Aboudib and Carlos Uebel. Dr. Santana learned hair restoration techniques through Dr. Uebel´s course in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and brought it to Rio de Janeiro.

To ensure he is fully informed of the latest developments, theory and practices in hair restoration surgery, Dr. Santana participates in the annual ISHRS congress.

Dr. Santana is today recognized as one of the leading specialists in his field, providing patients from around the world with the best possible quality hair restoration treatment.


Dr. Jório Santana frequently goes to symposiums and conferences about baldness and its new treatments in Brazil and abroad.

ISHRS – 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting

Chicago USA – September 9-13 2015

8th Búzios Plastic Surgery Journey

About Hair Transplant on women – Búzios/RJ/Brazil – from 12 April to 14 April 2012.

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Boston, E.U.A. – 20 October to 24 October 2010.

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Amsterdam/Netherlands – 16 September to 20 September 2009

III Brazillian Congress of Hair Restoration Surgery

Rio de Janeiro/RJ/Brazil – 16 October to 18 October 2008.

Rio Esthetic Surgery Journey

Rio de Janeiro/RJ/Brazil – 06 August to 08 August 2008.

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Montreal, Canada – from 03 September to 07 September 2008.

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Sydney, Australia – 24 August to 28 August 2005.

41st Brazilian Congress of Plastic Surgery

Florianópolis/SC/Brazil – 17 November to 20 November 2004.

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 12th Scientific Meeting

Vancouver, Canada – 10 August to 15 August 2004.